Soft Heat LVBQ-H2-030 Luxury Micro-FleeceSoft Heat Luxury Micro Fleece Electric Blanket Review

The Soft Heat Luxury electric blanket is quite possibly the best electric blanket currently on the market. It’s made out of a very high quality micro fleece fabric that is extremely soft yet very durable. One of the best features of this blanket is that you can just throw it in the washing machine when it comes time to clean it, as it’s fully washer and dryer safe. You don’t… Read >>

Sunbeam BSF9GQS-R596-13A00 Quilted Fleece Electric BlanketSunbeam Quilted Fleece Electric Blanket Review

The Sunbeam Quilted Fleece electric blanket is one of the best electrically heated blankets you can buy for under $100. Sunbeam is one of the most trusted brands out there for household appliances and bedding products and the Sunbeam Quilted Fleece is one of their most popular and best selling items. One of the best features of this blanket is that is made from high quality quilted… Read >>

Sunbeam Microplush ThrowSunbeam Microplush Throw Electric Blanket Review

If you’re looking for a decent electric blanket at a reasonable price, then the Sunbeam Microplush Throw electric blanket is just that. You won’t get the kind of quality or features that you would find in some of the higher end electric blankets like the Soft Heat Luxury, but you’re not paying for it either. For what it costs, though, it’s a fairly good electric blanket and… Read >>

Sunbeam TRT8WR-R230-25A00 Sherpa Mink Heated ThrowSunbeam Reversible Sherpa/Mink Heated Throw Review

The vast majority of electric blankets that you’ll find on the market are made of either microfleece or microplush, but some of them – like the Sunbeam TRT8WR-R230-25A00 Reversible Sherpa/Mink Heated Throw – are made with a combination of sherpa and mink. So if you’re someone who prefers the feel of the latter over the ubiquitous fleece/plush… Read >>